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Ethically Sourcing Fabric
Interview by Liz Prevedello 

We talked to our Founder and Designer Tina about how we ethically source our fabrics and provide our customers with outstanding quality. 

How do we monitor and ensure that the mills we work with our socially responsible and ethical? 
"We are highly selective with all the mills that we work with and want to provide only the best for you and your pets. We audit all of our factories to ensure that they are safely manufacturing our products and have adequate factory conditions. We value our customers and opportunity they give us to ethically source materials. We only want to support the best companies out there and ensure that the raw materials that create the final product are the finest possible."

How do you ensure that the fabrics are actually good quality? 
"All of the fabrics that we use to craft our beds are tested to ensure that they are chemical free, durable, color stay, and 100% washable.  Our fabrics are hypoallergenic, soft, and chemical free to provide your pets with optimal comfort. As a brand, we are also dedicated to creating a high quality long lasting products that are easy to care for. Our whole mission is to provide pets with human grade products and that starts with the fabric."  

Do you have fabrics that are manufactured in the United States?
"It has become increasingly difficult to find fabrics that are manufactured in the United States. Regulations have motivated companies to relocated manufacturing internationally and global competition is fierce in the textile industry. At Jax & Bones, we have very deliberately selected a collection of fabrics that are manufactured in the United States for our customer who want to support the domestic textile industry. We are California bred and based company that wants to provide our customers the opportunity to support domestic companies through purchasing our products." 

How do we design our fabrics? 
"We responsibly dye our fabrics to limit the amount of dye required and to restrict the emissions that can come from processing fabrics. It is just one additional step that we take to be as sustainable as possible.  We don't just source fabrics from manufactures but spend time creating and designing our own exclusive for your pets and home. Our goal is to create comfortable fabrics for your pets but also beautiful designs that compliment your decor.