Jax & Bones Spreads Love

-By Liz Prevedello

We were very proud to once again partner with our good friends at the Rescue Train as they hosted yet another incredibly successful homeless dog clinic on Skid Row. For the month of February, for every Rowdy Rescuer purchased, we donated a toy to this fantastic event. 

skid row giveback

We asked our founder and owner Tina some questions about the true impact of this event and what it means to her.
skid row giveback

What makes you participate in this event every year? Is it the people? The dogs? The overall impact?
"Contributing to events like this is incredibly rewarding to me and the team at Jax & Bones. Often times, it’s a life-changing experience. Futility is one of the biggest reasons humans feel unfulfilled. Giving back to the community is however what gives us a sense of purpose. Being able to speak to connect with the community is so much greater than one can describe."
How many people does this event impact?
"Each event honors unique individuals. The mission does a great job of telling these stories which have a great impact on people. On average, this cause is able to affect over 50 families that love their pets. We often see families that have more than 1 animal and surprisingly, there is a percentage of cats that we see at the event too."
skid row giveback

What is the most rewarding aspect of the event to see?
"Gaining a new perspective about the homeless has been the most rewarding experience. We do not know much about the individuals, but from conversations and body language, we realize that they are beyond grateful."
What reactions do you see from the people and the dogs?
"It’s so rewarding to see the smiles on people’s faces. Giving back creates a positive feeling and we constantly see a feeling of gratefulness from the audience."

What is the biggest transformation you have seen at this event?
"Seeing the owners of the animals open up to us and share how they rescued them is the greatest joy and transformation. Volunteering allows us to see the beauty in the human spirit."
How do Rowdy Rescuers fit into the spirit and heart of this event?
"The creation of the Rowdy Rescuers is a product that allows us to donate to events like this. With the purchase of our toys, we are contributing 15% of sales to programs but also encourage the community to be apart of the solution."
What does this event mean to you?
"It’s easy to forget the necessity to co-exist with the community. We are so caught up in our personal lives and participating in an event like this means so much. It not only puts things into perspective but allows us to support various organizations and fulfill what our brand mission is."
tina nguyen at skid row event

Learn more about Rescue Train here.
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If you are interested in learning more about how we help give back, discover further information here. If you have a passion to give back, be sure to reach out to your local organizations and if you need any guidance, you can always reach out to our JB Pack at jbpack@jaxandbones.com.