Camel Cozy Mat
Camel Cozy Mat

Camel Cozy Mat

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Jax & Bones' Ripple Velour Cozy Mat features a heavy-weight plush fabric that is ultra-soft to the touch. Designed with a high-pile, ripple look, this mat is easy to clean and extremely durable.  This mat fits standard crate sizes and is great for travel.

Small Cozy Mat
  • Perfect for dogs up to 15 lbs
  • Outer Measurements: 24 x 18"
  • *Please allow a 1-2 inch variance on products
Medium Cozy Mat
  • Perfect for dogs up to 30 lbs
  • Outer Measurements: 30 x 19"
  • *Please allow a 1-2 inch variance on products
Large Cozy Mat
  • Perfect for dogs up to 65 lbs
  • Outer Measurements: 36 x 23"
  • *Please allow a 1-2 inch variance on products
Extra Large Cozy Mat
  • Perfect for dogs up to 100 lbs
  • Outer Measurements: 42 x 28"
  • *Please allow a 1-2 inch variance on products

*Our products are handmade and vacuum packed for delivery.

Ripple Velour:
Soft to the touch and made from a heavyweight micro-denier plush velour. Designed with a high pile, rippled look, this collection provides superior comfort. Easy to care for, this fabric is what dogs would write home about if they only knew how! Perfect for heavy traffic use.
  • 3" thick pad for comfort, and portable. Great for freestyle lounging.
  • Fits standard crate sizes.
  • Stitched in channels to prevent bunching.
  • Handcrafted in the United States.
Care Instructions:
  • Machine wash in cold water. Do not bleach. 
  • Do not wash in washer with agitator.
  • Line dry or tumble dry low.
To receive refund on returned items:
  • Customer Service must be contacted within 14 days of delivery date.
  • Items must be returned within 14 days after receiving the RMA.
  • Shipped back in the original packaging with tags
  • In resalable condition (no doggy hair or drool)
Failure to comply may result in a minimum 25% restocking fee

Please Note: The buyer is also responsible for return shipping. 

For more detail see our Full Policy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lorna Henderson
My Dog's Weight: 21 - 40 lbs
Size Purchased: Medium
My Dog Breed: Italian greyhound
Very cozy

Was looking for something small, as a “day bed” for our Italian Grey. Mat is very soft and a nice texture. Good color as well (camel).

Charles Eldridge
My Dog's Weight: 21 - 40 lbs
Size Purchased: Large
My Dog Breed: Goldendoodle
Our dog loves her cozy mat!

Once I opened the box and pulled out the mat, our dog jumped right on it. She’s been on it every day since.

Vicky R.
My Dog's Weight: Under 20 lbs
Size Purchased: Small
My Dog Breed: Terrier mix
Excellent quality

My husband found a gray “Cozy Mat” made by Jax & Bones which we have been using for years for our cats and dogs. They take turns stealing from each other for naps. It sat out in the sun, has been rained on, washed many times and it still holds it’s shape and softness. It was so much better than towels because our little old dog tends to “rearrange” her bedding and then ends up sleeping on a lump of towel and the rest of her body on the cold hard floor. This mat is firm enough that she can’t contort it into an uncomfortable mess.

Recently it had gotten pretty dirty and we had just washed our old dog & didn’t want her to get dirty from the mat. I wanted to wash it, but it was late & my old dog who loves it was going to have to sleep on a towel which isn’t enough padding for her old bones. So I ordered the camel colored Cozy Mat because it matches her blond coat. This time when we washed her we were able to have a clean mat on hand for her to rest her bones. At night the small cozy mat fits in our medium side dog crate perfectly.

The cats steal it from the dog sometimes. Maybe I need more cozy mats. I might even buy one of their more colorful ones for a yoga mat for me. I have old bones too.

Send me a bone (coupon) Jax & Bones! LOL!

Leo Johnson
My Dog's Weight: 61 - 80 lbs
Size Purchased: Extra Large
My Dog Breed: Golden retriever
Immediate yes

Finally found a bed my dog won’t hump! And he lays on it! And it doesn’t show his fur! Success!

Audrey O.
My Dog's Weight: Under 20 lbs
Size Purchased: Small
My Dog Breed: Toy Schnauzer
Excellent mat for your best friend!

This is the 6th item I have purchased from Jax & Bones. I just love their variety of fabrics and different bed styles/sizes. Their fabrics are high quality, very soft but also sturdy. I love the fact that you can take the beds apart and wash the covers, and they always come out looking great (and keep their shape) after washing them! The mats are washable too but they do not come apart. I would highly recommend these beds/mats!!!