Why We Make Masks?

In March, as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak our company was asked by the Governor of CA to join LAPROTECTS.ORG to help manufacture PPE and Masks. We had the resources, we had the machinery, and the staff to make it happen. Being a manufacturer in the USA for over 15 years, we wanted to bring safety to the community.


To date, we have manufactured over 20,000+ reusable PPE masks. We've donated over 8,000 PPE Masks to many hospitals and organizations. We have also protected the valuable team members within the pet industry. 

Some of the organizations we have donated to include:


We are always looking for help those in need. Contact us at jbpack@jaxandbones.com so we can share the love.

the team

Here is a quick snapshot of the courageous team that has helped and continues to help accomplish our goal to keep our citizens safe.
As a US manufacturer since 2004, we all have never been prouder to step up to help.

Be a part of the solution

Buy a Mask.
Protect Your Community.
Help Give to Charity at the Same Time.

Your Mask Order Will Ship As Soon As Possible:
*Mask orders combined with pet items will incur longer lead times.*

Our masks are made in the USA, 100% machine washable, and reusable.
We offer masks in various sizes for women, men and children as all faces are not the same size. 
They are NOT direct substitutes for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and are NOT FDA approved.
You can purchase the masks for your family or friends or DONATE to another.

We do not take this situation lightly, and the health and safety of our employees and community is our top priority.  
We thank you for visiting the site and supporting us at this time. 

Stay Strong, Sending Love

- Tina Nguyen, Founder & CEO