It’s the holiday season! One of our favorite times of year, and a time where we are reminded that being part of Jax & Bones truly is a wonderful life.  

From our loyal customers, to our clients, collaborators and philanthropic organizations we partner with, there is so much to be thankful and grateful for. And at the very top of our gratitude list are our beloved besties. They are the ones who provide that unconditional love and friendship that is unlike anything else in our world. They help teach us about having care and consideration, and we always want to find ways to honor them. 

The 12 Dogs of Christmas pays homage to all dogs and we highlight some of our favorites we’ve seen and worked with this year. You fill our hearts with so much joy and thanks to you, we too know what it means to live a wonderful life. And who knows, next year, it could be your dog making the list! 


The 12 Dogs of Christmas

December 3Rd

Name: Cookie
Nickname: Cookster, Cookie Monster
Instagram Handle: N/A
Favorite Food: Trash
Favorite JB toy: Jerry the Jumbo Giraffe
The naughty: Food bandit, hides before bath, and selective hearing
The nice: When brother had cancer she gave him his own space and loved him when he needed it.
Sleep Style: Curls & Sprawls

Cookie's Bed

December 4th

Name: Jimi
Nickname: Jim, Jim Jam, Jimitron, Jimi Jimerson
Weight: 18lbs
Instagram Handle: @jimi.the.frenchie
Favorite Food: He devours anything he is given!
Favorite JB toy: Neoprene Stella the Starfish
The naughty: Pooped in parents suitcase when they were unpacking
The nice: He gives the sweetest kisses
Sleep Style: He ALWAYS has to be sleeping under a blanket

Jimi's Bed

December 5th

Name: Finn
Nickname: N/A
Weight: 95lbs
Instagram Handle: @finnbodey
Favorite Food: Any and all food
Favorite JB toy: Lola the Lobster! She squeaks, she floats, she's fun to toss for a game of fetch
The naughty: Finn's a thief. He's always stealing socks and hearts.
The nice: Finn is a therapy dog at LAX helping to de-stress passengers and staff.
Sleep Style: Belly up!

Finn's Bed

December 6th

Name: Lucci
Nickname: Lucky Lucci, Looch Pooch, Mocha Frappuccino
Weight: 15
Instagram Handle: Lucci enjoys a private life. 
Favorite Food: Chicken with cottage cheese. Grass fed 95% fat free beef.
Favorite JB toy: Squirt the Whale
The naughty: Ran away during a hike.
The nice: Stands-up for her tiny sister Marji.
Sleep Style: Lucci loves to be spooned.

Lucci's Bed

December 6th

Name: Marji
Nickname: Marj Parj, Maggie Thatcher, Farrah
Weight: 3.5
Instagram Handle: Queen of Yorkshire 
Favorite Food: Stella & Chewy Super Beef 
Favorite JB toy: Whatever Rowdy Rescuer
The naughty: Almost got run over on her mum’s 50th birthday.
The nice: Makes everyone who visits our home fall in love. She’s the show!
Sleep Style: Her mum’s pillow.

Marji's Toy

December 6th

Name: Vinnie
Nickname: Vincenzo van Gogh, Little Vin, Vince
Weight: 8.5
Instagram Handle: Too young for social media. 
Favorite Food: Anything. He’s a food machine.
Favorite JB toy: Mummy Rope Dog Toy
The naughty: Chewed out a 1930’s collectible chair
The nice: Vinnie has brought life into his parents home since they lost their Italian Greyhounds of 16 years. 
Sleep Style: On his back, paws high. Horizontal!

Vinnie's Bed

December 7th

Name: Matt
Nickname: Matty, Matt, Dj Mini Matt 
Weight: 15.5
Instagram Handle: @djminimatt
Favorite Food: Scrambled eggs
Favorite JB toy: Holiday Tree Squeak Toy
The naughty: Ate birthday cake out of the trash.
The nice: Comforts people when they are sick
Sleep Style: Side sleeper 

Matt's Bed

December 8th

Name: Melvin
Nickname: Melvis or Smellvin
Weight: 78
lbs (I’m still carrying a little holiday weight)
Instagram Handle: N/A
Favorite Food: Yes please!
Favorite JB toy: Flying Finn The Goat

The naughty: Redecorated the curtains for mom! (aka...ripped the sheers to shreds) 
The nice: Gave my mom and dad a hug the day I rescued them.
Sleep Style: On my back, cheek flaps out, paws in the air, and the soothing sounds of my grunty snores.

Melvin's Bed

December 9th

Name: Dingding & NuNu
Nickname: N/A
Weight: 8
lbs & 6lbs
Instagram Handle: N/A
Favorite Food: Anything
Favorite JB toy: Squeakers

The naughty: Playing with toilet paper.
The nice: Give cuddles and follow mom all-day.
Sleep Style: On their backs

Dingding & NuNu's Bed

December 10th

Name: Buddy
Nickname: Buddy boy, bud
Weight: 40
Instagram Handle: @buddy.therescuedog
Favorite Food: Lunch Meat
Favorite JB toy: Big Lou The Dog
The naughty: Ate a whole pound of hamburger he stole off the counter.
The nice: Gives lots of snuggles and kisses.
Sleep Style: Curls up in a tight dog donut ball.

Buddy's Bed

December 11th

Name: Carl
Nickname: Coral, fluffy muffin, bear
Weight: 72
Instagram Handle: @carlthesammy
Favorite Food: Fish or pork
Favorite JB toy: Brent the Brontosaurus Rope Dog Toy
The naughty: Ate an entire wooden hairbrush, a pumpkin, crown molding, and a wooden frame.
The nice: Cuddled with Mom.
Sleep Style: On his belly!

Carl's Bed

December 12th

Name: Noble
Nickname: Nobes or handsomest boy in the world
Weight: 60
Instagram Handle: @sir_noble
Favorite Food: My sister's food... or hot dogs
Favorite JB toy: Holiday Tree Woolie Squeak Toy
The naughty: Steal my sister's food.
The nice: Cuddling sister after making her mad.
Sleep Style: Curl up into one big spotted bun.

Noble's Toy

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