American Business Women's Day

“I never thought that I’d be so fortunate to use my passion to do something that doesn’t make me feel drained. I love my job.” - Tina

Five Business Tips on American Business Woman’s Day

1.Finding a strong network of goal-oriented team members and other successful people is important. I’ve been lucky to surround myself with lots of powerful women. This has kept me sane and supported in what I do.

2. Trust yourself but be a good listener. Two traits that will only preserve your sense of self while being a good leader.

3. Having a business is like learning how to surf and you must stay calm at all times. You never know what wave is going to come at you. Sometimes it’s calm, and sometimes it’s the most exhilarating but challenging wave you’ll ever face.

4. Learn that failure is not a word but something that helps you learn more about your business. A mentor shared this when I was young and it’s helped me when I was going through the lows.

5. Allow feedback to help you and listen to customers no matter what. Let go of ego and pride because the key to growth, innovation and success is information.

Five Things I didn’t know

1. 1.That I had to fail to succeed.

2. Leading a balanced life with family, friends and vacations is a key component to sanity and what can keep the success going.

3. Money isn’t everything. It’s the passion that gets me up every day.

4. Luck is not what landed on me. I had to dream big and work at this (day in and day out)

5. Read as much as you can. The more that you read, the more things you will know.