About the Covid-19 Masks + Disclaimer:

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We have the material. We have the resources. And we believe in community.

At Jax & Bones, we know what it means to be a manufacturer in America, especially in today’s crisis. There's a crucial need to come together to support individuals and the world alike. Setting aside our principle business, we hope to bring more in this fight. As of 3/19/20, we've re-aligned our normal operations to making PPE for hospitals and making face masks for the public.

Additionally, we are offering you 2 styles of masks that are REUSABLE and MACHINE WASHABLE. Specifically, our masks are NOT direct substitutes for N95, nor surgical, and are NOT FDA approved. However, we are using Kaiser Permanente Guidelines to produce these masks, if used correctly, should help reduce transmission.

What am I buying?

  • A washable, reusable, cotton fabric face mask made in Los Angeles.

What about sizing? 

  • To fit as many faces as possible, we are offering a Unisex Mask that generously covers the nose, cheek, mouth and chin areas and a Fitted Mask that is appropriately sized for a average size female, average size male, and a child between the ages of 6-10 years of age.

Which mask style is best for me? 

  • Neither style is superior to the other. The 2 styles were created to cater to your style preference.

Does the mask have a filter? 

  • The mask is layered but does not have a filter at this time.

How can I ensure a tighter fit? 

  • To reduce airflow and utilize the mask best, you can use double-sided tape to secure the mask around the edges of the mask. Adding double side tape near the nose is safe and very comfortable.

How protective is this? 

  • The CDC and Dr. Fauci, who is the National adviser to the Government advises that we all should wear masks to protect ourselves whether we are sick or not. Wearing a mask is important to reducing the transfer of the virus.

Care instructions:

  • Wash after each use with warm water and soap. A small amount of bleach, 70% alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide is safe to add.

How often should I wash this mask?

  • It is recommended that this mask be washed after each use. Failure to do this may encourage bacteria to grow and contaminate.

Is this a replacement for a N95 mask?

  • No it is not. N95 respirators are in short supply. They need to be worn by people at the highest risk such as intensive care doctors, nurses or people on the front line and it is not necessary for the general community to wear a N95 mask especially if you are not sick.

Can I purchase these masks and donate them to a hospital?

  • Currently Jax & Bones is doing this through city and state programs. When you buy a mask from us, you are also contributing to the funding the donation we offer to them.

Essential Business or Bulk Discounts:

  • If you are an essential business or would like to purchase in bulk over 60 pieces, please email orders@jaxandbones.com.

Can I return my mask order?

  • Unfortunately, once a mask order has been delivered it cannot be returned.

Links to learn more about maintenance or how to wear your mask properly:

  • Proper Hygiene and How to properly use your face mask: Click Here.
  • Safety precaution for reusing your mask: Click Here.
  • What kills germs: Click Here.
  • Why wear a face mask + Staying Home: Click Here.


    How long will it take to get my order? 

        • For all Bedding Orders: please allow up to 3 Weeks To Ship.
        • For all Mask orders, We Ship Out As Soon As Possible.
            • *Mask orders combined with pet items will incur longer lead times.*

    What size of bed should I order for my dog?

        • Our beds have informational pages for each item with size information and poundage recommendations. Please keep in mind that these are just recommendations as your dog's sleeping style can influence required size.

    Can I see the fabric before I place my order?

        • We offer fabric swatches for your convenience and to help you select the perfect match for your pup and your home. Swatches are 5 for $7.50 and $1 for each additional swatch. Please contact our customer service team at jbpack@jaxandbones.com.

    Can I order replacement parts?

        • Yes! We do offer replacement parts for most of our products. Replacement inserts for lounge and pillow beds can be found here: Dog Bed Replacement Inserts.
        • If you don’t see your insert listed on the website or would like to inquire about ordering a replacement cover, please email our customer service team at jbpack@jaxandbones.com.

    What if I don’t see a fabric that I’ve ordered in the past?

        • We are constantly updating and innovating our line of fabrics. Because of this, some of our older fabrics have been discontinued. However, on a case by case basis, we may have some in stock/storage. For inquiries, please contact our customer service team at jbpack@jaxandbones.com.


    How do I wash my bed?

          • Using a front-loading washer on a gentle cycle and tumble dry low is highly recommended. We do not recommend washing them in a washer with an agitator as it can cause damage to the bed. Our covers unzip for your convenience and the tufted center pillows without zippers can be washed as a whole by following the above instructions.

    Video Tutorials

    Can I machine wash the bedding inserts?

        • No, we do not recommend washing the inserts. This can cause significant damage to the insert. We recommend spot cleaning the dirty area.

    Do we offer repairs for chewed zippers?

        • We do not. We recommend taking the item to a local seamstress to repair the issue. This helps reduce transportation cost and the time required for the item to be repaired.

    Testing on beds

    Outer Cover

        • We test all of our fabrics for harmful substances or chemicals and certify that the fabrics will not bleed when washed.

    Flame Retardants

        • Our fabrics do not contain any flame retardants. Our fabrics are exclusively designed, tested and are made to be washed. We test all of our fabrics for harmful substances or chemicals and certify that the fabrics will not bleed when washed.

    Insert Filling

        • Our insert filling is made in the USA and is manufactured using recycled plastic bottles that have been sanitized. Our fiber has been certified to be hypo-allergenic.


    Do we ship outside of the USA?

        • Currently, on www.jaxandbones.com, we only ship within the US but email jbpack@jaxandbones.com to ask if we have a distributor outside of those countries.

    Wholesale or Distributor Inquiries


    For assistance with anything else, please contact our customer service team at jbpack@jaxandbones.com.