Toy Testing Information

Jax and Bones takes product safety very seriously and we regularly test our product materials in two different phases of the production process. The first test is performed when we purchase materials before manufacturing and second test is performed on the same batch of materials and products upon arrival of our products into the United states.

These tests are performed for the purpose of controlling potentially hazardous substances in the composition of the materials used to make our products and to endorse the quality and safety overall.

Jax and Bones Inc uses CTI testing facilities to test a majority of our products. CTI’s is recognized as one of the leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company for various European and US companies who specialize in textiles and baby products. They operate a network of more than 1,000 offices and laboratories around the world.

These are key areas that Jax and Bones products must meet standards for:

  1. The Materials should meet, and or, exceed all state and federal guidelines for hazardous materials contained within a dog toy. This includes Flammability Testing.

  2. The Materials must pass the following specific tests.

  3. The Materials are put through tests that access the dyed fabric and rope toys, to determine their ability to resist staining of materials such as your carpets and upholstery. We are looking for ozone depleting issues and that our dyes are AZO free.

  4. The Toys are physically tested. Our tests include Bite Testing and Strength Testing. We use actual dogs as part of this testing phase.

  5. Some products go through California 65 Prop Testing. This includes testing for lead and Phthalalates.

  6. Some products go through Float or Buoyancy Testing.

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Signed by:

Tina Ngyuen, Founder Jax and Bones LLC