White as snow, soft as butter and fluffy like your puppy, this long-pile vegan faux fur fabric is brushed with a subtle color contrast for added dimension. It's a luxe way to lounge, nap and cuddle.
Handcrafted in Los Angeles, these high-quality faux fur beds have been the reigning crowd favorites of 2019.

Oh so sweet

Arctic Shag Donut

Treat and retreat

On Cloud Nine

Arctic Shag Memory Foam Cuddler

Cloud Mine


Arctic Shag Napper

Nap like you mean it

Our biggest fans agree it's worth the wait
& pawfectly pawfect...Woof!

"I just wanted to share that the Arctic Shag dogs beds were not only worth the wait (because custom made - took a bit longer)
But they are 100% Puggy Approved!"

- Dianne Reppucci Bierman

"Donut🍩disturb me when I'm in my Arctic Shag Donut Bed. This stylish, circular bed is for 🐶pups who like to burrow or curl up when they😴sleep. Since that is my usual sleeping style, it's the pawfect choice for me💁🏼‍♂️! I also love using the extra soft plush sides as a chinrest, another favorite sleeping position."

- Tobey

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