Our Toy Designs are inspired by real animals

-By Liz Prevedello

We are known for our love of dogs, but the truth is, at Jax & Bones, WE LOVE ALL ANIMALS!

Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to rescue a pig along with our good friends over at Rescue Train. They received a 911 call from the East Valley Animal Shelter about an obese pig that was surrendered by her owners and was in a dire situation. Luckily they found greenerpasturessanctuary.org, who were willing to take her in. Our Founder, Tina then jumped in to help the Rescue Train get her out of the shelter and transport her.  And thanks to the expertise of professional dog and pig trainer, Laura Bourhenne, she was safely loaded into a crate.

Forcing a pig to do something can be traumatic. Luckily, it only took about five minutes of guiding her along and allowing her to choose to go in. She had trouble negotiating the opening and it was hard getting her front feet over the edge, but once she figured it out, she went inside. 

Being so obese and being "fat blind" must be scary, but with all the good energy, love 💓 and cheers along the way, we were sure she felt safe and knew she was about to go to a better place. Plus this wonderful new rescue couldn't help but remind us of our very own Rowdy Rescuer, Jellyroll the Pig 🐷. Our Rowdy Rescuer Collection donates a percentage of sales to animal shelters and organizations across the United States!

We can all do our part on a local level. If you love animals, there are so many incredible organizations to join and volunteer. If you have a story similar to the above, we'd love to hear from you. 

We love our pets, like you love your own. 
With our warmest wishes
The Jax & Bones team