First things first.

This all began in 2004 when I wanted my dog Jax to have the best and I couldn't find it. That love has continued to flow into everything we do here at Jax & Bones and we hope you and your dog sense it too. It has been at the core of how we create our beds and to other products, along with responsibility, sustainability, and good design. These are all interconnected, and as we see it, impossible to separate. We know that the more we all give, the more we all receive, and we call that Good Karma.

Tina Nguyen (and Jax)
Founder and Designer


Sustainafill™: The Good Stuff
At Jax & Bones, we're dedicated to helping protect the environment. That's why all of our beds are stuffed with fiber made from recycled plastic 7-UP bottles.

Upcycle with style
When we sew our dog beds, we try to have as little fabric waste as possible. But scraps happen. We really hate waste, so we like to upcycle our scraps into stylish, people-accessories like face masks, or our P.U.P. bags.

Rope toys that recycle themselves
What do potato peels and our rope toys have in common? You can toss them both onto the compost pile when you're done with them. All of our rope toys are compostable and biodegradable.

Foam + Ozone
All of our memory foam beds use CertiPUR-US® certified foam, which means they are manufactured without harming the ozone.

Transparency, collaboration, and authenticity
These are the core values of the Pet Sustainability Coalition. we are proud to be a part of this alliance, and will continue to run our business responsibly.


Keeping it local
Since the very beginning our beds have all been designed and manufactured by hand in Los Angeles. This might cost us more but it makes for a smaller carbon footprint when it comes to transportation than manufacturing overseas would.

Material detectives
To start, we use upholstery grade fabric for our bed covers which gives them an inherently long lifespan. But we also consider the origin of the raw material. Where does it come from? Who is making it? How many resources are used and how much waste is produced? Is there another fabric that has less impact to the environment?

Dirty dogs welcome
Our bed covers are anti-microbial, dirt, and stain resistant. When it does come time for cleaning, they're easily removable and 100% machine washable.

Replaceable bed inserts
What if the stuffing inside wears out but the outer fabric is still  in great shape? Easy, just order a replacement insert. Why don't more human couches do this? 


Purpose over profit
We see giving as holistic. We give to our dogs products that are on par with human products. Giving is being open about responsibly using resources and sharing what we learn so that others can do the same. Happy dog, happy human, happy planet.

Good Karma Rope Toys
Not only do these rope toys act as dental floss for your dog, part of every purchase of this line goes to non-profit animal rescue groups. Since 2006.

Community face time
There's nothing like helping neighbors, so we partner with local shelters, nonprofits, and organizations dedicated to helping families. Events such as the pet care clinic in Skid Row, for those pet-owners in homeless shelters, make a lasting impression both on our team and those who attend.

Rowdy Rescuers
Who better than superheroes to bring awareness to the community about animal rights, welfare, and shelters? Part of every purchase of this toy line goes to non-profit animal rescue groups. Since 2018.


Are you closer to your animals than to most other humans?
It's okay to admit it, we're the same, so our toys are built to standards on par with the baby industry. They're made with non-toxic vegetable dies. Toys go into the mouths of our pets and are absorbed into the blood stream so we don't see any standard other than the highest. Our materials are scrutinized by a team of experts, and tested for toxic chemicals before we approve them.

Clean materials
If your dog prefers the extra support of our foam bed insert instead of Sustainfill™, know that we only use foam certified by CertiPUR-US®. That means no flame retardants, formaldehyde, mercury, lead, or other metals. It also gives off low VOCs (less than 0.5 parts per million) to keep the air in your house clean and easy to breath

One more reason to like Sustainfill™
Sustainfill™ is hypoallergenic! The repurposed bottles within pose no issues to animal or human