P.U.P. Juniper

P.U.P. Juniper

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Jax and Bones P.U.P. Pick Up Poop Waste Bag Dispenser comes pre-loaded with 2 rolls or 30 individual bags of standard size poop bags (scented EarthRated bags). Two fasteners make it possible to clip on to a retractable leash or soft leash. Standard grommet allows bags to smoothly dispense as you use and P.U.P is machine washable.

  • Fasteners for hard and soft leashes.
  • Soft dispenser is comfortable in your hand.
  • Clips easily to your belt or purse.
  • Machine washable.
  • Made in China.
Care Instructions:
  • Machine Washable
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Customer Reviews

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Ryan Price
Poop bag swag for the stinky stash

If you walk your pooch then you have to have something to pick up their poop.

Such is why you need to find a poop bag and dispenser that you like.

Okay, so pick out the dog waste bags of your choosing, that’s the easy part. Finding a dog poop bag holder that you like… now that’s a whole ‘nother story!

Actually there are lots of cute one’s out there. Perfect, if that’s your style. It’s not mine.
Plus, I don’t like the hard-case shell that most poop bags come with — because it’s more likely to break, scratch, bang around and just get in the way.

No lace & studs. No loud & obnoxious color patterns. No jingly-jangly doo-dads & noisemakers as you carry it. Just a plain ‘ol poop bag & poop bag holder is all I’m after.

The less noticeable, the better.

Plus, I have to take into consideration the fact that there are those times when both my wife and I will be walking our beloved English Springer Spaniel, Murphy, so we need both function, form and some style depending on who is holding the dog leash during our walks. And the last thing I want is an “adorable” dog poop bag dispenser dangling from my wrist on the leash.

Well, I’m happy to say that I finally found it. I found the dog waste bag holder of my dreams! (Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it rates right up there.)

With the solid color patter, soft but durable cloth pouch, leather strap and snaps that hold firmly in place you can hang it just about anywhere you want — on the leash on your belt strap it’s up to you. In our case, we’ve attached it so it most closely matches the profile of our dog leash right near the handle.

Additionally I like how this dog waste bag holder is very small and compact. I don’t like bringing attention to myself or my dog’s accessories, and the dispenser just sort of “hangs out” next to your wrist. This is, if you attach it to the leash like we do. It holds two poop bag rolls, has a solid zipper and grommet in the center to easily select a bag when nature calls.

We give this accessory 5 stars when you need to find a poop bag holder for your prized pouches stinky stash.

Ben Cheshire
Nice pouch

Easy to use and attractive for what it’s function is.

Julie H
Favorite bag holder

These are durable and ideal for extendible leashes. I especially like the grommet dispenser.

Laur M
Stylish bag pouch

Love these cute stylish pouches for the leash. However I was disappointed at the tiered shipping rates. I was going to purchase a lot more accessories and toys worth more than $25 but the extreme jump in shipping costs turned me off. In today’s world there is no reason to pay that much in shipping for all small items in the US. So I only purchased 2 bag pouches. One of them, the P.U.P Juniper is pictured with a cute dog bone shaped silver clip attached at the side. Bummed that mine was missing.